We congratulate the two YouTube superstars on their upcoming nuptials.
  • The on-screen relationship between Roman Atwood and his girlfriend for nine and a half years, Brittney Smith, has been one of legend in countless videos — both prank and otherwise — and today the couple, who earlier this year gave birth to their third child, announced their engagement.

    Roman Atwood first let his massive Twitter audience know about the future nuptials by tweeting out a photo of him bringing an engagement ring to Smith as she slept, captioned: “She has no idea. When she wakes up I am asking her to marry me.”

  • Which means that when Brittney picked up her phone, it would be filled with various congratulations, which is honestly just time-saving, you know? And, folks — as you might have guessed from the headline of this entry, Brittney Smith agreed to marry Roman Atwood, which the couple continued to document on Twitter.

  • Our congratulations go to the couple!

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