Image: @rihanna | Twitter
At long last.

Announced earlier today, popular singer Rihanna announced that her beauty brand Fenty Beauty would now be joining the cosmetic store ULTA, causing excitement and “ULTA” and “Fenty” to trend on Twitter. When Rihanna’s brand was first announced a few years ago, it was only sold online. When it was in stores, it was offered in Sephoras, which can sometimes be inaccessible because they are often only located in malls. So, needless to say, people were thrilled to see Ulta would now be carrying the well-loved brand.

After Rihanna made her announcement, many people’s only question was as follows: when? ULTA then announced that the brand would begin to be carried on March 6th, which seems to only be around the corner, but is a very long wait to some, especially because many believed this to be a long time coming.

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Many also talked about how much they dislike going to Sephora since it has a reputation for having workers that are judgemental to newcomers, intimidating some. Many maintained that they believed that Rihanna’s brand and overall vibe of her makeup production would fit well within Ulta. And, not to mention, people want to be able to see makeup in person while avoiding Sephora at all costs. Some Twitter users also noted that they feel more at peace in ULTA, as the salespeople are not as aggressive as the ones working for Sephora, who is known for being a little more aggressive in selling techniques.

After the announcement came from Rihanna, ULTA began trending on Twitter throughout the day, along with the brand Fenty trending as well. The brand is well-loved for being diverse and offering makeup to people no matter their skin tones, which makes physical stores easier to buy makeup from. Overall, fans are ecstatic to spend paychecks at ULTA on Rihanna’s beloved brand.