meikab98 on TikTok
Brb, crying.

This viral TikTok will bring tears to your eyes. This TikTok user named Meika posted this video that now has over 34 million views of her and her family laying her grandmother’s ashes to rest.


Okay this brought me to tears 😭 (🗣: @iammaddisonhill) (🎥: @Meika 💋) #viral #grandmother #messages #whatstrending

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She wrote on top of the video that this is the resting place her grandmother always wanted to be. However, what comes next is something that will give you chills and comfort. After the ashes are spread, you can see the message of ‘I love you’ appear in the water.

Obviously this brought tears to the family and it also affected people in the comments, with others saying this gave them goosebumps and of course brought on the tears.