yafreherrera on TikTok
This is why Dunkin Donuts isn't always our first choice.

Dunkin Donuts coffee has the stereotype of rarely tasting the same way twice, and thanks to this viral TikTok we now know why. TikTok user and Dunkin employee @yafreherrera often posts about working at Dunkin Donuts and she has now gone viral for a video where she shows herself making an iced caramel macchiato. 


So this is why Dunkin coffee never tastes the same way twice (🗣: @iammaddisonhill) (🎥: @Yafre original) #viral #dunkindonutsicedcoffee #dunkindonut

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She starts off by grabbing a cup, filling it with ice and then she goes for the caramel. The two pumps barely make it into the cup along with the milk that also spilled out. Thankfully, the espresso at least made it in.

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This video has now been viewed more than 1.8 million times and of course it caused people to go off in the comments with people saying this TikToker did everything wrong, and this is why Dunkin coffee never tastes the same.