NOT cool dude

In a viral TikTok, a security guard of a residential gym is seen sniffing a woman’s butt as she works out… multiple times.

The video in question, uploaded by TikTok user @famous_d87 has over 412k likes. In it, the security guard can be seen walking up to a woman working out, kneeling down and smelling her in the middle of her set and walking away. He does this only to return to do the same not once, not twice but three more times before he is caught by the woman, at which point he falls to the ground.


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In the background, you can hear the two men who are filming the video laughing and making comments as this happens. The video has over 8,000 comments, with some users wondering how the woman took so long to notice what was happening. One user wrote “Idk man when I’m at the gym I’m aware of my surroundings AT ALL TIMES, music or not how did she not feel it” while another said “so people just don’t feel vibes when someone gets close?”

Some users vocalized their anger at the security guards behavior, saying that it constituted assault and that the woman would have been in the right if she decided to press charges against him.

They also addressed the fact that the men taking the video are laughing, slamming them for trivializing the woman’s violation. One account commented saying “it actually bothers me that they are laughing about this, if this was me in the video I would be crying and traumatized.” Another said “I would be pressing charges this is so unacceptable and dangerous. The fact that these guys are laugh(ing) about it makes it so much worse.”

Others however are siding with the creators with one person saying “Lmao it’s actually hella funny. ” A few users opted to make light of the situation with a comment saying “He’s a security guard it’s his job! If he thinks sum fishy is going on he has to check it out” getting 32.7k likes.

The creators of the TikTok are teasing a “part two” of the video as well. What do you make of this? Do you think people should be taking the video more seriously? Comment and let us know!